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INRHYTHM with Colton Gee

The Desert Tiger Podcast highlights passionate people chasing their dreams, like musicians, athletes, artists, authors, and comedians. It is our goal to bring you what drives and inspires these driven individuals, telling you their stories of the road they have traveled to get where they are today!
The podcast is hosted by Colton Geschwandtner, an arts enthusiast, musician, event promoter, wrestling referee, and highly inquisitive person. Shows release every week!

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Jun 23, 2022

Contemporary Folk artist Sarah Hiltz joins the show to take us behind her new album 'Calm Fury'!


‘Calm Fury’ is a collection of songs inspired by Sarah’s research into the ways that Canadians experience, express and repress anger. The tracks on the album go deep, looking at: how anger is processed in the body,...

Jun 20, 2022

Folk-soul singer songwriter Ila Barker joins the show to take us behind her single 'Intuition'!


la is a wonderful talent of Anishinaabe and Settler heritage and has a vulnerability in her songwriting that sets her apart from her peers.


With a soulful voice and lyrics that wash over the minds and hearts of audiences...

Jun 17, 2022

Tim Chaisson of award winning Pop Folk group The East Pointers takes us behind their new single 'Stronger Than You Know'! 


The new single is a real departure from the band's previous body of work and showcases their undeniable musical chops and reminds listeners that they are stronger than they think even when times...

Jun 17, 2022

Country artist Tommy Charles joins the show to discuss his debut single 'Lookin’ Like That'!


‘Lookin’ Like That’ was crafted by a team of songwriting heavyweights, & draws in the listener with its “classic country with an old fashioned dash of charm” sound and good-time feel, just in time for the...

Jun 15, 2022

Canadian-American Rock duo Stereobabe take us behind their track 'Tumbleweed'! 


‘Tumbleweed’ is the call and answer for good vibes, classic music, and, as the video shows, quite literally the soundtrack for having the windows rolled down and the radio cranked up.


Birthed amidst the pandemic’s lockdown, with...